All St. Louisans must have access to better transportation options that are part of a larger regional system.  As mayor, Lyda will work to:

Expand public transit

Mass transit is critical to the growth and economic vitality of St. Louis.  We should pursue the North-South Metrolink expansion, which will connect St. Louisans to economic opportunities, as well as to each other, and the many amenities that contribute to our quality of life. We must also expand access to the MetroBus system to connect more people to better paying jobs in the near term. In order to maximize the impact of this transformational opportunity, it is critical that plans for expansion include input from the communities that will be home to the expansion, as well as from individual citizens across St. Louis

Collaborate with regional leaders

St. Louisans cross political boundaries every day in their commutes to work, school, and for entertainment.  We must have a regional plan for transportation that connects people to jobs and to one another regardless of municipal, county, and state boundaries.  We need to collaborate with St. Louis County and other public and private regional leaders to ensure that residents have accessible transportation options in all of our neighborhoods and that our transportation dollars are maximized through a smart, region-wide plan.

Increase Safety for Pedestrian and Bike Traffic

Walkability and safe bike travel are central to transportation infrastructure and planning.  We must make sure that pedestrians and cyclists, as well as automobile traffic, have safe routes on which to travel. More pedestrian and bike trails will also improve the environmental health of our region

Renovate St. Louis City’s Antiquated Traffic Structure

The City of St. Louis needs a top-to-bottom review of its traffic infrastructure and operations to analyze its use of traffic lights, one way streets, pedestrian crossings and other traffic plans. We must pursue a city-wide plan to reflect the city’s current and future transportation needs.  This review will also keep residents safer and make St. Louis a more environmentally friendly city.