Lyda Krewson

I am honored to serve as your Mayor. My administration has been working hard to improve the city we all love.


Here is what we did in just the first 100 Days:


“It’s been 100 days since I was sworn in as Mayor of St. Louis, and the optimism and enthusiasm I felt that first day has not diminished. I wake up every day energized to accomplish great things for St. Louis.


It’s the hard-working city employees who really make this city run. The Street Department, refuse workers, police officers, grass cutters, firefighters, health and human service workers, engineers, tree trimmers, recreation workers, EMS officers, accountants, lawyers, and so many more. That first day and every day since then I have realized more and more just how important these dedicated employees are to the success of our city. They do a great job, often under difficult circumstances, and always without enough funding. Thank you to each and every one of them!


We have a lot to be proud of right here in St. Louis – in the day-to-day stresses and hustle of running our city – it is easy to forget the things we do well. Business startups, great neighborhoods, medical centers, universities, technology companies, financial services companies, museums, cultural institutions, large and small businesses, and our 109 parks are all first-rate. Let’s stop being so humble and brag about ourselves more.”


We are just getting started, so keep watching and engaging with us as we work every day to make St. Louis better.

Read our full report HERE. 


Lyda Krewson @lydakrewson
Happy Thanksgiving St Louis- I have lots to be thankful for- Great family- many friends and supporters- excellent t…
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Lyda Krewson @lydakrewson
Glad to be at Guns and Hoses honoring our Police, Fire, all first responders and supporting The BackStoppers.
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Lyda Krewson @lydakrewson
RT @STLFireDept: .@CFDstlfd awarded FF. Johnathan Vallero @FirehouseNews Medal of Valor! While performing search & rescue in heavy smoke &…
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