As the next mayor of St. Louis, Lyda Krewson will undertake a bold, comprehensive approach to economic development and provide opportunities for all St. Louisans.

Retain and Support Current Businesses

St. Louis must continue to provide an environment in which our businesses, big and small, can thrive. St. Louis is home to world-renowned corporations, budding start-ups and successful small businesses. These businesses not only drive our local economy, they also serve as invaluable civic partners.  Lyda will work to make St. Louis an attractive place for businesses by modernizing the processes for securing licenses and permits.  She will also emphasize the provision of expert support and high-quality customer service that reinforces St. Louis’ commitment to businesses of all sizes.

Attract Businesses to St. Louis

For St. Louis to grow, the economic opportunities available to our citizens and the talented graduates of our local universities must be expanded.  It is not enough to simply retain current employers in our region.  As mayor, Lyda will personally seek to recruit businesses to St. Louis in order to expand economic opportunities for all St. Louisans.

Increase Training Opportunities

If St. Louis is going to thrive economically, we must increase training and educational opportunities that align with opportunities in today’s economy.  Lyda will collaborate with local universities, K-12 education providers, technical schools like Ranken Tech, training programs including LaunchCode, and employment programs like STL Youth Jobs to develop a diverse labor force that will attract employers to St. Louis and retain those already here.  Most importantly, this will provide young St. Louisans with promising careers and assist others in getting a new start.

Expand Biotech and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

St. Louis must continue to support its internationally recognized biotech and entrepreneurial communities, as well as the growing info-tech, software, and maker industries. As these communities evolve, so too must the support infrastructure provided by partners.  As mayor, Lyda will lead the effort to expand scale-up opportunities for entrepreneurs.  We must ensure that St. Louis is not just the birthplace of promising start-ups, but also home to the successful employers they will become.

Streamline and Modernize Business Regulation

St. Louis must make starting and operating a business easier.  We need to reduce the time and resources required of business owners to establish operations and invest here. These changes can only be achieved by modernizing the use of technology and striving to provide a superior customer experience through responsive and proactive service. Wherever possible, individuals should be able to access forms, submit paperwork and payments, and receive approval electronically.  Providing these options online will improve efficiency for all business owners—large and small—and allow them more time to do what they do best – create jobs and put St. Louisans to work.

Enhance Workforce Development

Our city’s diversity is our strength.  We must ensure that our city’s investments in growth also create opportunities to strengthen the diversity of our workforce. Lyda will work with regional leaders, labor, and the business community to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the demographics of our community.  Through this collaboration and a recommitment to strong workforce development standards, St. Louis can provide innovative training for jobs that exist today in fields such as coding, laboratory technology, and information technology, and begin to train the next generation of diverse workers.

Welcoming Immigration

Welcoming immigrants to St. Louis is the right thing to do, and critical to the growth of our region. We must welcome immigrants, advocate for them, and embrace the innovation, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit they bring to our city.  As mayor, Lyda will work with the International Institute, the Mosaic Project, and other regional partners to attract immigrants to St. Louis and make St. Louis their permanent home. She will also dedicate resources so language and other barriers are minimized in the process of starting a business and finding quality housing.

Inclusivity and Diversity

As mayor Lyda will pursue equitable economic development throughout the city and region which will support the minority, women, LGBT and disadvantaged business communities. It is important to bring economic opportunities to all St. Louisans.

Support the Arts

Our city’s vibrant art scene enriches the lives of all St. Louisans.  Thanks to the generous philanthropy of so many in our community, art is accessible where it otherwise may not be.  Lyda will continue to support the growth and development of visual and performing arts in St. Louis because they contribute to our economy by attracting people and development to our city.